The Strategic Ministry Fund

The purpose of the SMF is to

  1. Provide financial support for growth in the number of clergy.
    • funding will be deployed to support growth in the number of curates against a baseline
    • the full incremental cost including pensions and housing will be considered
  2. Tailor the level of funding support so it is proportionately higher for those dioceses that need it most.
  3. Ensure the funding has the best possible impact through ensuring well planned and executed deployment and Formation.

The distribution of funds is handled by the Strategic Ministry Board which is chaired by the Chair of Ministry Council, with four members from Ministry Council and members from the Strategic Investment Board.  The Director of Ministry will staff the Strategic Ministry Board.

Any questions about the SMF should be addressed to Alison Kemp ([email protected]) or David Wells ([email protected]) at the National Ministry Team.

SMF 2023 Application Form

SMF 2023 Applicants Guidance

Formation in Curacy