Freshers resources

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Helping young people prepare for University and find a church they can call home.

Freshers Resources

Students beginning university this Autumn will have come through extraordinary circumstances in order to get there. Many will start their experience learning remotely, perhaps at home, feeling as though they are missing out on unique student experiences.

Together with Student Linkup, the Church of England has brought together prayers and resources to help young people prepare for University and find a church they can call home. There are also resources for the families of students and churches wanting to welcome young people at this challenging time.


For students:

Are you planning to start university in the autumn?

It can be hard to know how to prepare with so many unknowns and uncertainties. Going to uni is the adventure of a lifetime. It's worth preparing well for an adventure.

  1. Join with other young people to journey together through preparation for university online.
  2. Download the Student Linkup app to connect with student workers and find a church that you can call home.
  3. Find resources that help you through your university experience and help you share your faith with others.

A prayer for students going to college or university

Lord, be with the Freshers of 2020. 
Guide them, fill them with hope and compassion
and give them a thirst for learning.
Though things might be different than planned,
let each of them grow in faith, 
experience your call in their lives,
and know that even in the uncertainty, 
you are with them.
In Jesus’ name,

Leaving behind things that are familiar and setting out into the unknown is unsettling. During lockdown, we have perhaps all had a bit too much of home and familiar things, but that does not make the wider world any less threatening; in some ways it makes it more so. Listen to this reflection on starting something new, created especially for those starting university or college, and have a go at some of the habits suggested by the author, Professor Chris Cook.

For the church:

The local church plays a key role with supporting students. How can you put students at the heart of your community?

Whether sending young people or receiving new students you can have a part to play in seeing a generation respond to Jesus.

  1. Prepare young people for university and commission them into the adventure ahead.
  2. Pray for this generation of students as they start university in the midst of uncertainty.
  3. Register your church on Student Linkup and welcome students to find a home in your church.

Commissioning prayer for churches sending students to college or university

O God,
 thank you for these young people whom we are sending out from our church, and from churches across the country.
 Fill them with your boldness; 
help them to have confidence in you.
May they find churches in their new homes that are welcoming and that help them to give you glory.
 Help us as your Church to support them
as we pray and commission them now 
as part of our church family.
 In Jesus' name,

For families:

Families up and down the country are preparing to wave children or grandchildren off to university. Are they ready for university?

The Student Linkup box contains resources to help prepare for university. This resource is designed to help a young person lay the very best foundation for their time at university. 

A prayer for families as loved ones begin college or university

Dear Lord,
thank you for the blessing of our child,
who has now grown into a young adult.
Thank you for the gifts that you have given over the years, and the opportunities still to come
as this new chapter begins.
We entrust our child to your loving arms 
and ask that you would keep them safe. 
 May they grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus,
in whose name we pray.