Being part of a learning organisation

Notepad and laptop on desk
No church or individual should struggle alone trying to master mixed ecology church. Everyone can benefit from online resources like this one, from belonging to helpful networks, and from seeking specialist advice. And everyone will increasingly have useful experience to share.

Both the mission wisdom and the technical know-how are best developed together, with lessons learned being shared and disseminated. Learning from each other should simply help every church fulfil its own mission in its own unique place more effectively. There is no one perfect mission, digital or tech strategy that fits all. But if we journey together, we will all end up in better places.  

We work best as a learning community where different churches try out a range of concepts and technologies to find out which work well in different circumstances. Experiments are to be encouraged, but their lessons need to be shared so that all can learn from them. Instead of seeing thousands of isolated individual projects, it would be better to think in terms of one shared project driven by encouragement, and learning shared between the churches.  

Various Facebook style groups already exist for churches to share digital skills and technical knowledge. Most churches would benefit from joining such a group. Dioceses are also usually able to offer advice and support whatever your online issues are. Your local cathedral (or another large church) may also have a digital officer who is happy to offer advice. Dioceses and other groupings may wish to develop their own forums for sharing ideas, stories and encouragements as mixed ecology church steps up through the gears.  National resources such as this are also designed to disseminate the lessons of hard-won experience. You can follow these links to other resources such as the national church webinars.

Webinars and training