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Living in Love and Faith seeks to invite the whole Church to explore these questions using a range of resources – a course, a book, podcasts, films and an online library – to pray, study and learn together.
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Take a learning journey through the full range of resources

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Pray, study and learn together - play your part in discovering what is God’s call to the Church of England today. 

You can explore the full range of resources together with others and by taking your own learning journey through them. 

If you’ve been part of an LLF group, don’t forget to complete the questionnaire and consider responding creatively to make your contribution to discerning what God is saying to the Church.

Find out about Next Steps

Living in Love and Faith book

The LLF book

Dig deeper by exploring the LLF book about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage

Living in Love and Faith course booklet

The LLF course booklet

Ideal for group use alongside the LLF Learning Hub, available from Church House Publishing

A mockup of the Pastoral Principles Course book.

The Pastoral Principles course

Helping church communities to examine afresh their life and learning together in the face of difference and diversity