Living in Love and Faith - taking part and responding

Would you like to take part in the LLF Course – or joining in an LLF Book Club – together with others? Would you like to play your part in discovering what is God’s call to the Church of England today regarding questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage?

Find out what is happening in your area by contacting your church leaders or the LLF Advocate(s) in your diocese. Their contact details should be on your diocese’s website: search for ‘Living in Love and Faith’. If you can’t find the information you need, email us and we can help.


If you are thinking of leading a group – register on the LLF Hub and find resources for group leaders here as well as suggestions for running a Living in Love and Faith Book Club.

When you’ve participated in an LLF Group, remember to complete the online questionnaire and consider responding creatively to make your contribution to discerning what God is saying to the Church. The questionnaire is also available to download as a pdf version.