Pilgrim Journeys

Take a journey through some of the most important texts of the Anglican faith: the Creeds, the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer.

Written by Bishop Steven Croft, each booklet offers 40 short daily Bible reflections, prayers, and suggestions for how you might respond to Jesus’ teachings in your own life.

The Pilgrim Journeys booklets are ideal daily companions for anyone seeking to grow in the Christian faith. They are suitable for those preparing for baptism or confirmation – including those using the Pilgrim discipleship course – but can be used by anyone at any stage of their Christian journey.

Cover of Pilgrim Journeys The Commandments

The Commandments

Pilgrim Journeys: The Commandments (The Way of Love) explores how Christians are called to behave in 40 short daily reflections.

The Pilgrim Journeys The Creeds booklet mockup.

The Creeds

Pilgrim Journeys: The Creeds explores what Christians believe in 40 short daily reflections.

The Pilgrim Journeys The Lord's Prayer booklet mockup.

The Lord's Prayer

Pilgrim Journeys: The Lord's Prayer takes you on a 40-day journey through the prayer Jesus taught his followers - one which continues to shape the lives of Christians across the world.

The Pilgrim Journeys The Beatitudes booklet mockup.

The Beatitudes

Pilgrim Journeys: The Beatitudes invites you to explore the unexpected and often challenging vision Jesus sets out in this crucial part of his teachings.

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