Lessons Learnt Reviews

House of Bishops guidance states that once all matters relating to a safeguarding concern or allegation against a church officer have been completed, lessons should be identified and learnt from the case. The guidance is clear that the majority of lessons learnt case reviews will be an internal review but in certain complex cases this may involve commissioning an independent review. 

Ongoing independent reviews

  • John Smyth review – a review of the Church’s handlings of allegations against the late John Smyth who between 1978-82 violently abused young men linked with the Iwerne Trust, a non-denominational Christian charity.
  • Trevor Devamanikkam review – review of the Church’s handling of allegations (relating to sexual abuse of a 15-16 year old in Bradford Diocese in 1984) against the late Revd Trevor Devamanikkam.
  • Christ Church, Oxford - review of the handling of safeguarding issues regarding the former Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Dr Martyn Percy. Update on Review

Completed reviews

Other key reports