Update July 2022


A further update from the National Safeguarding Team, NST, has been provided to victims and survivors of the abhorrent abuse of the late John Smyth.

As the independent review into Smyth moves to its final drafting stages followed by the representation process and then publication in the autumn, it is recognised that this has the potential to be impactful for victims and survivors. While support has previously been offered the NST has now secured the service of a specialist advocacy service. Splitz Services Support provides specialist support to victims and survivors of abuse, offering trauma informed and victim led bespoke support. Its director of services has identified an experienced independent advocate for victims and survivors – Nina Tanner – to deliver this service and this information has been relayed to the survivors and victims. Anyone wishing to make contact with Nina, can email: [email protected] or ring her direct on 07825 741751.

The NST continues to look into every clergy person of whom they have been informed, within the scope of the Terms of Reference, who failed to disclose Smyth’s abuse.