Section 11 - Appointment

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Last updated: 15 July 2021
Version: 1

11.1 All appointments to posts that fall within the scope of this guidance must be subject to the completion of satisfactory pre-appointment checks and procedures (see Section 8: Pre-appointment Checks)

11.2 A start date must only be confirmed once all pre-appointment checks and actions are satisfactorily completed and verified

11.3 All employees must be issued with a Contract of Employment

11.4 All volunteers must be issued with a Volunteer Agreement

11.5 All those appointed must receive written statements of:

  • Policies and procedures in relation to safeguarding, including the identity and responsibilities of those within the Church body with designated safeguarding responsibilities
  • Safe practice and the standards of conduct and behaviour expected
  • Other relevant procedures/documentation e.g. whistleblowing, disciplinary procedures, privacy notice relevant to appointment.

11.6 All those appointed must sign a document to indicate that they have received, understood and agree to adhere to all the written statements identified at 11.5 above as well as the role description for their position.

Good practice advice


When the person responsible for the role (see Section 1: Responsibilities) is satisfied that all of the pre appointment checks have been completed and given their final sign off on the file, a start date can be confirmed.

Appointment documentation is another opportunity to reinforce the value that the church body places on work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. 


It is good practice to send a letter of appointment, along with the contract (employees) or volunteer agreement (volunteers). This appointment pack should contain all the documentation as outlined in the Policy Requirements.