Interim Support Scheme Terms of Reference Published


The Church of England’s interim support scheme has just marked its first anniversary and is part of the Church’s recognition that harm has been caused by both that abuse itself, and the Church’s responses to survivors. The Scheme is intended to give immediate help and support to survivors whose life circumstances are significantly affected by the abuse suffered, and the response to it. The Scheme is designed to address immediate and urgent needs that help in the short-term to put the survivor’s life back on track. This Scheme is not intended to provide compensation or restitution to survivors, nor is it a redress scheme, which is a longer term project now underway and as recommended by IICSA.

Update (August 2022)

The Archbishops’ Council recently amended the Terms of Reference of the Interim Support Scheme.

As a result of the Archbishops’ Council’s decision, the Scheme can now consider applications for professional therapeutic support beyond the original twelve-month period prescribed and until such time as the Redress Scheme is in place.

The updated Terms of Reference and Guidance Notes of the Scheme can be found below.

Update (October 2022)

The Terms of Reference of the Interim Support Scheme were reviewed at the September Archbishops' Council meeting. Changes have been agreed to extend financial support beyond the current twelve-month limit, as we have done with therapeutic support. We are currently in the process of rewriting the ToR to reflect this change, and they will be updated on the website in due course.