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GS 1812 - Full Synod Agenda

Electronic voting results

House of Laity Co-option

Item 11

Item 24


Monday 7 February

Christian Aid Report: Poverty - We're All in this Together [Item 4]

GS 1817 - Business Committee Report [Item 5]

Tuesday 8 February

GS 1815 - Challenges for the New Quinquennium [Item 10]

GS 1821 - Appointment of the Chair of the Business Committee [Item 11]

GS 1820 - Appointment of the Clerk to the Synod [Item 12]

GS 1813 - Parochial Fees Policy [Item 14]

Wednesday 9th February

GS Misc 960 - House of Bishops statement on marriage after divorce and the ordained ministry [Item 15]

GS 1816A - Common Worship Baptism Provision (Liverpool DSM) [Item 16]

GS 1816B - Common Worship Baptism Provision (Note from the Secretary General) [Item 16]

GS 1818 - Briefing paper by FOAG on ARCIC II - Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ [Items 17 & 18]

GS Misc 872  - FOAG Essays on ARCIC II - Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ [Items 17 & 18]

ARCIC II - Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ (original text) [Items 17 & 18]

GS 1814 - Draft Clergy Discipline (Amendment) Measure [Item 500]

GS 1814X - Explanatory Memorandum [Item 500]

GS 1808 - Amending Code of Practice under Clergy Discipline Measure [Item 501]

GS 1808X - Explanatory Memorandum [Item 501]

Other Papers

GS Misc 970 - Dioceses Commission: Guide to the Review Report No 2

GS Misc 971 - Anglican Communion Covenant: Reference to Diocesan Synods

GS Misc 972 - Affirming Our Common Humanity

GS Misc 974 - Faith, Work and Economic Life

GS Misc 974B - Faith, Work and Economic Life (Resources)

GS Misc 977 - Central Stipends Authority report (38th)

GS Misc 979 - Ordinariate: Questions and Answers

Order papers

Order Paper I - Monday 7th February

Order Paper II - Tuesday 8th February

Order Paper III - Wednesday 9th February


Notice Papers

First Notice Paper

Second Notice Paper

Third Notice Paper

Fourth Notice Paper

Fifth Notice Paper

Sixth Notice Paper

Seventh Notice Paper

Eighth Notice Paper

Ninth Notice Paper

Tenth Notice Paper

Eleventh Notice Paper

Questions Notice Paper

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