Appendix A - Model role descriptions/person specification for Designated Safeguarding Person

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Last updated: 15 July 2021
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Appendix A – Model role description/person specification for Designated Safeguarding Person

 The community’s Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) is the key link between the diocese and the community concerning safeguarding matters.

Person specification

  1. Willingness and aptitude to undertake the role, attend the relevant training and undertake their own development in the field of safeguarding Ability to challenge in an appropriate, supportive manner
  2. Ability to challenge in an appropriate, supportive manner
  3. Able to demonstrate why safeguarding is intrinsic to the Christian faith
  4. Experience of being able to instigate difficult conversations
  5. Able to articulate the need for culture change with regard to safeguarding in the Church as a whole, and in particular to their community 
  6. Demonstrate an empathetic and professional attitude when dealing with possible allegations of abuse

Role Description:

  1.  Be familiar with community’s safeguarding policy and how it is implemented in local practice
  2.  Establish positive working relationships with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
  3.  Discuss regularly with the Leader any safeguarding concerns or emerging issues  
  4.  Determine which staff need which level of training and liaise with the DSA to ensure this happens
  5. Have an awareness of all activities involving children and vulnerable adults, keep a record of them and assist with the safeguarding risk assessment of these activities.   
  6. Where appropriate, help the community develop protocols to keep themselves and their visitors safe.
  7. Be the first point of contact for any safeguarding concerns the community may have.
  8. Help facilitate discussions about what the community sees as a safe culture, what the current barriers are and how they may be resolved.


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