In 2020 Statistica reported more than 60% of people in the UK have a social media account. Creating a page or profile for your church is completely free and presents an opportunity to reach new people within your local community.

Learn how to create a new account for your church below.
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Creating a new social media account

Choosing a profile name

If possible, use the same profile name across all your accounts so that it is easy for your community to find you wherever you are present.

Login and contact details

When creating a new social media account, use a general church email*, rather than a personal email, as the login and main contact details.

*This rule does not apply to Facebook, where each editor or admin needs their own personal Facebook profile.

First impressions count

The images and words you include on your profile or page will give a lasting impression on your community. Use words and phrases which make everyone feel welcome, avoiding churchy phrases, accompanied by friendly images, to give the best first impression.

Sharing the new account

Once set up, share the news with your community. Talk about it during services and events, and update your website and newsletters with the link.

Keep it up to date

Posting at least once a week will keep your profiles and pages looking fresh and the church open. 


Below, explore each platform, alongside advice on how to create an account.

Facebook page
Facebook groups
WhatsApp Groups


Although not a social media network, with more than 70 million page views in 2020, A Church Near You has become an essential part of any CofE church's online toolkit.

A Church Near You

Administrating and moderating church social media profiles

Through the Digital Labs blogs you can find ideas, recommendations, case studies and how-to guides for using social media as a church.

Before you get started, it's helpful to be aware of moderation tools and best practice for online safety. 

Facebook page
Facebook Groups
WhatsApp Groups
A Church Near You (ACNY)

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