Digital Labs webinars

In this series of webinars, we look at different ways your church can use digital communications to keep connected with those who attend your services and events, as well as reaching out and caring for those in the local community around you.

Each topic above offers a range of webinars covering different subjects. All the webinars are free to attend and new topics are updated monthly. 

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Online donations

How can we encourage people to give financially to the church during this time?

Churches rely on the generosity of their congregations and their communities to support their mission and ministry. Many people give regularly to their church by standing order or direct debit. Others give in cash when the offering is taken in a church service or when visiting the church, and people will not be able to give in this way whilst our church buildings are closed.

Many individuals are going through financial uncertainty as a result of lost or changed employment during the restrictions, and that may affect their giving too. This means that it is even more important that those who can give are able to do so.

In this one-hour webinar, we'll cover setting up and receiving online donations, encouraging online donations, communicating with your community, as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions which will be answered live.

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A Church Near You

In this one-hour webinar, we will take you through the steps to making the most of your A Church Near You page, including the latest updates, simple editing tips, and ideas for your pages and content.

These webinars are ideal for new and seasoned editors.

Want to find out how to become an editor of your church's A Church Near You page? Find out here.

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Livestreaming and video

Video has become an essential part of church life during 2020. Join us at one or more of these webinars to learn from our team of experts. Each webinar will have opportunity for questions at the end.


Video presentation skills

You may not be delivering a TED talk, but you still want to create better video presentations. We'll share 6 practical tips and help you improve your speaking skills for your next video.

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Setting up a livestream in your church building

Livestreaming from your church building requires a different set up to your home. Join our webinar and learn from our experts on how to set-up your livestream from scratch. 

You'll learn:
- Equipment and technology requirements
- Audio and video set-up
- Tools and software to improve your livestream
- All on a shoe string budget

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Livestreaming with OBS

In this one-hour webinar, we'll discuss how to use OBS to live stream your services and events, how to improve your broadcasts, create better sound quality, as well as giving you an opportunity to answer your questions live.

This is ideal for churches who are using live streaming on social media and want to improve their broadcast.

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Using Zoom for interactive events and meetings

Zoom has become a popular tool for churches during 2020 and looks set to stay. Learn how to get the most out of the platform, whether you are hosting a prayer meeting, interactive family session, or sharing a reflection.

The webinar will cover the basics of setting up your meetings, security features, safeguarding advice for families, meeting controls and tips for maintaining interaction and engagement.

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Are you looking to reach your local community using Instagram in 2020? With more than a billion users it makes sense that churches are thinking about how to build their community using the platform.

We run two webinars focusing on different aspects of Instagram


Getting started on Instagram

You want to get your church on Instagram but, where do you start? How do you create an account for a church, and what kind of content should you be posting? In this one-hour webinar, we'll answer all these questions and more. This session is ideal for those who are new to the social media platform.

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Instagram next steps

This webinar is aimed at churches who have an Instagram profile and would like to increase their knowledge and skills using the platform.

During the one-hour webinar, we'll look at creating content with purpose, understanding audiences and insights, and refining your strategy.

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Facebook is still the most popular social media network, and with more than 2.4 billion monthly active users (Facebook, 2019), it’s easy to see why churches are prioritising the platform.

Join us at one or more of these webinars focusing on different tools within the platform.


Facebook pages for churches

In this webinar, we’ll look at how you can create a welcoming Facebook page for your church, post valuable updates, measure your success and more.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Making the right first impression on Facebook
  • Posting content, scheduling, and ideas for posts
  • How the algorithm works
  • Measuring your success
  • Free advertising ideas

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Facebook groups: Keeping a church connected

Your Facebook page is your outward-facing communication with your wider community, but, your Facebook group is where those who consider themselves part of your church community can gather, share news, and interests. Think of it as your online church foyer or small group.

In this one hour webinar we'll cover:

  • Creating a group
  • Group settings
  • Moderator tools
  • Safeguarding and dealing with negativity

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Five ways to keep your church connected

Digital tools are an essential part of keeping a church community connected, informed, and supported. In this webinar we'll look at tools on offer and how a church can implement them in a strategy.

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