Church Commissioners

Two women hug inside cathedral Diocese of Southwark

Supporting the Church of England now and for the long term

Church Commissioners for England

The Church Commissioners for England supports the Church of England’s work and mission, helping it to remain a Christian presence in every community. The Church Commissioners enables the Church to facilitate its growth, contribute to the common good, and reimagine ministry through its sustainable approach to ethical and responsible investments. 

The Church Commissioners manages a £10.3bn investment fund. The money it makes from those investments contributes to the cost of mission projects, dioceses in low-income areas, bishops, cathedrals, and pensions. The Church Commissioners also provides administrative support for the Church.

We contribute about £1.2bn every three years to various parts of the Church of England, around 20% of the Church’s annual running costs, which makes us one of the largest charitable givers in the UK.