National Church Institutions

There are a number of bodies, collectively known as the National Church Institutions (NCIs), which undertake work for the Church of England. Its purpose is to support the mission and ministries of the Church by working with those who serve in parishes, Dioceses, schools and other ministries, and with partners at a national and international level.

The NCIs are separate legal entities, but they are a common employer. The present arrangements were established under the National Institutions Measure 1998.

The seven NCIs are: 

The majority of NCI staff are based at Church House in Westminster, Lambeth Palace, the Church of England Record Centre in Bermondsey, and Bishopthorpe Palace near York.

National Church Institutions gender pay report - July 2017

All voluntary, private and public sector employers with 250 or more employees are now required to publish their gender pay figures by April 2018.

Our gender pay report covers the staff of the National Church Institutions (NCIs) of the Church of England and the results of our gender pay analysis are being published here at the earliest opportunity, having been approved by the Chief Officers and the Joint Employment and Conditions of Service Board of the NCIs, and shared with our Joint Staff Council.

We are committed to reporting our gender pay data in an open and transparent way. We have one common pay policy covering 452 staff across the NCIs, and a separate performance-related policy for 31 staff in our Investments department who are employed by the Church Commissioners. For the purposes of this summary we are talking about the larger group of NCIs staff covered by the common pay policy. Gender pay data for the Investments department is shown separately in our report.

Our data shows that the pay difference for nearly three-quarters of our staff is less than 1%, and for half of staff there is no gap in pay between men and women.

However, our data also shows where we have more work to do in reducing the difference in pay between men and women in more highly paid roles, and improving the ratio of men to women in the most senior and most junior roles.

We are taking steps to address these issues. We are reviewing our pay methodology which is driving discrepancies in pay in more highly paid roles. Additionally, our job evaluation system is being reviewed. We are also making changes to our recruitment strategy to attract a greater diversity of candidates. And we have already invested in our internal capacity in this important area with the recent appointment of a Reward Manager.

NCIs Gender Pay Report


The NCIs comprises seven separate legal entities. They are: The Archbishops' Council, The Archbishop of Canterbury (in his Corporate Capacity), The Archbishop of York (in his Corporate Capacity), The Church Commissioners for England, The Church of England Pensions Board, Church of England Central Services, The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education.

The NCIs gender pay report does not include any data that relates to employees in dioceses or the Clergy of the Church of England who are Officeholders. The majority of Clergy, who are Officeholders, are not covered by the reporting requirements of the legislation. Any other Church employer who meets the reporting requirements will be reporting individually. However, very few are expected to be of a size that is reportable.