HR External Services

The Church of England HR External Services is an HR consultancy service for dioceses, cathedrals and senior clergy, supporting the Church’s people agenda through local projects and national initiatives. The team offers advice, guidance and additional resource to local HR professionals and leaders across the Church.

The HR External Services team has supported dioceses and cathedrals across the Church since 2021. The team consists of an experienced group of HR professionals who have specialist expertise in people management across the Church as well as in a wide range of other sectors and organisations. In addition to advising on the people aspects of national Church of England projects, the team works alongside local HR colleagues and other leaders in dioceses, cathedrals and parishes to offer advice, support and guidance, providing additional resource where needed.

Overall, the Service:

  • provides advice, support and training on employment and clergy office-holding matters and complex case management
  • provides a cost-effective, not-for-profit consultancy service using our church-based HR expertise (including The Clergy Transitions Service)
  • supports and resources all those working in HR in dioceses and cathedrals across the Church (including through the HR Network)
  • leads and supports national people initiatives coming from other teams within the NCIs

What we offer

Advice and support around employment and clergy office-holding
Consultancy Services
The Church of England HR Network
National People Initiatives

More about the HR External Service

Who can access the HR External Service?
As an HR practitioner within a diocese/cathedral, what support can the HR External Service offer me?
Does the HR External Service charge for its support?
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