City Church Fund

The City Church Fund is one of two funds managed by the Trust for London. The City Church Fund's purpose is to advance the ministry of the Church of England within a specific area of benefit (the outer boundary of the Metropolitan Police District as it existed in 1989)

How the fund works
A third of the money payable from the fund supports the building and contents of the City of London churches. Two thirds is shared between the Church Commissioners and the six dioceses inside the area of benefit. They are: London, Southwark, Chelmsford, Rochester, St Albans and Guildford.

Use of funding by the Church Commissioners
The Church Commissioners use their share of the funding each year in the following ways:

  • To make fixed grants to a small number of city of London churches
  • To support the salary and housing costs of the Dean at Kings College London. These payments have their origin in earlier grants made from the City Church Fund to various theological colleges, including Kings College London.

Use of the funding by the dioceses
The rest of the funding is paid in grants to the six qualifying dioceses. Grants are to be used for church building maintenance, endowments, theological training and generally supporting ministry.

A more detailed breakdown of the use of funding is provided annually in the form of a summary report to the Church Commissioners' Board of Governors. These summary reports are available to view below:


City Church Fund reports