Read a selection of inspiring stories from churches across the country.
  1. A woman is shown with outreached hands in prayer wearing a facemask in church

    Almost 90 new church communities established in Diocese of London alone


    London has seen a wave of new Church of England congregations in the last few years, with everything from a German-language Eucharist service to ‘disco worship’.

    2 min read
  2. Glyn Wise

    Big Brother, fame, teaching, travel - then the Ministry Experience Scheme


    After experiencing fame and travelling the world, Glyn Wise says it was the Church of England’s Ministry Experience Scheme that ultimately gave him confidence and got him close to God.

    4 min read
  3. The vicar breaks a loaf of bread with the backs of children's heads in the foreground

    Children come forward to be baptised as Messy Church continues to thrive


    Several children who are regular attendees of Messy Church have come forward for baptism.

    2 min read
  4. The Daily Hope telephone logo.

    COVID-19 survivor says Daily HOPE line “strengthened me”


    Daily HOPE, the free 24-hour worship phoneline launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby on 26 April, has received more than 170,000 calls, totaling more than two million minutes of listen time.

    2 min read
  5. A rotary phone sitting on a desk.

    Does someone you know need a Daily dose of Hope?


    In today’s digital age whilst zoom, social media and online church services are keeping many connected during Coronavirus lockdown – those self-isolating without internet access can be left feeling forgotten.

    2 min read
  6. Outdoor service

    Drive-in worship and pew booking: how churches are adapting as lockdown eases


    Since the government announced that public worship in churches could restart after more than three months of lockdown, churches have been taking innovative steps to help keep their congregations as safe as possible:

    2 min read
  7. zoom call of the six candidates, with the Revd Arun Arora

    Durham Church Celebrates SIX Vicars-to-be


    A Durham City-Centre Church is celebrating after six members of its congregation were recommended to train as clergy this year.

    2 min read
  8. A priest performs Communion outside with a visor on and people socially distanced

    Eventbrite Eucharist and alfresco mass: churches continue to innovate as lockdown eases


    As lockdown continues to ease, churches across the country continue to innovate to keep their congregations as safe as possible.

    2 min read
  9. HighTide1

    Great outdoors helps young people connect with God


    A weekend of night walks on the beach, survival techniques and worship around the campfire helped a group of young people from across a city switch off, connect with friends and learn more about God  

    3 min read
  10. SimonWilkinsonpic

    How a podcast is helping thousands through the pandemic


    During the pandemic, nearly a quarter of a million people have used the Daily Prayer podcast – finding support in a daily cycle of prayer traditionally associated with monastic communities. 

    3 min read

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