Provide a wide range of giving tools and methods to suit everyone and make it as easy for possible for people to give to your church.
Giving at the Diocese of Derby

This is about the ways people give 

When encouraging people to give we need to provide the right mechanisms if they are to be generous. The easier it is to give, and the more ways we offer to give, the more likely people are to give. The way people use money is changing, and that means the way people give is changing too, and we need to acknowledge that in the mechanisms we offer. Good practice with mechanisms is all about providing the ways to give in an accessible, visible, simple, straightforward way. It’s also about ensuring that whatever way people give, they are thanked for their gift

That might be as simple as making it easy to sign up for regular giving by standing order or direct debit by having information freely available and making it clear who can provide guidance. 

Investing in a contactless card reader is a great way to make it easy for people to giving. You can also use these devices to take payment for fees, refreshments etc. As a society, we’re carrying less cash as more and more transactions are made contactlessly, so it is important that our churches enable members of our congregations and visitors to give contactlessly too.  

Online giving enables people to give to your church without having to visit your church building through your church website or social media page, making it easy for people to give.  

Many church members would like to know how they could leave a gift in their Will to their church, although they might be reticent about asking. Make use of our free legacy resources to help people with will writing and leaving a bequest to your church.  

Improve your giving mechanisms 

Look closely at your church’s giving processes and think about where the friction points are as a first step to overcoming them: 

  • How do you invite visitors to give financially to your church? 

  • Imagine you are new to church, how easy is it to start giving regularly? Who do people need to speak to? Is it clear on your church website or AChurchNearYou page? 

  • Consider how you normally give to charity outside of church. Is it different and if so, what ways could you think about introducing to church? 

  • Does your church use technology like contactless devices or an online giving platform? 

Saying Thank You 

Thanking people for their gifts of money, time and talents is hugely important for gifts of every size. 

We need to thank people regularly and make it clear how their gift has been used. This makes givers feel valued, as well as giving you a chance to show the impact their gift has made on your church’s mission and ministry. 

  1. Contactless giving mechanisms


    Contactless giving enables people to give to your church by tapping a contactless payment device with their debit or credit card. 

  2. St John Ancient Chapelry

    Direct Debits

    Regular giving, for example through the Parish Giving Scheme, is the best way to ensure you can financially plan for your parish’s future. 

  3. Giving to the church

    Gift Aid

    Gift Aid is an arrangement that allows charities (including churches) to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer.

  4. Candles


    Each year around 4,000 people leave a gift in their will to their church, funding mission projects, maintaining beautiful church buildings and growing faithful communities. 

  5. Using a laptop

    Online Giving

    Online giving enables people to give to your church through your church website or social media page, making it easy for people to give.  

  6. Scanning QR codes

    QR Codes

    QR codes allow givers to make instant donations via their phone or mobile device simply by scanning a special code. They are easy to create and will help improve the giving experience.

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