QR Codes

Once you have an online giving page it is important to make it accessible to people in lots of different ways. QR codes make it possible for people with smartphones to give contactlessly and wherever they are – in church, at home, or in the street, in response to your church’s call to action.

We are not all used to QR codes (quick response codes), but they are fast becoming part of everyday life. You may find yourself scanning a QR code for all kinds of things that were unimaginable only a few years ago, such as viewing a menu at a restaurant or reading a theatre programme.

For mobile phone users, one easy way to access online pages is by scanning a QR Code. Many new models of smartphones can scan QR codes using their cameras, requiring the user to hold the camera in front of a code for two to three seconds and the phone automatically takes them to the correct webpage. QR codes offer a truly contactless way for a smartphone user to get quickly to an online page, and to give.

QR codes work well for casual visitors and wedding attendees or other life events. They are also good for those who want to make a one-off donation either in church or if they take away the service sheet.

How to use QR codes
Where can I get a QR code?
Do other services offer QR codes?
What if my provider doesn’t offer QR codes?