Code of Fundraising Practice

Whatever method(s) of giving you encourage within your church, it’s important to always adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice.

It’s a long document, but Behaviour When Fundraising is a particularly useful section.  To help apply the general guidance to churches,  we have produced a Guide for Churches on the Code of Fundraising Practice which highlights the values underpinned within the Code and some of the key standards that apply to all giving.

When encouraging generous giving, you may encounter people who are in potentially vulnerable circumstances and could lack capacity to make decisions about giving. The Code of Fundraising Practice offers specific guidance on Treating Donors Fairly which gives more information on working with people in potentially vulnerable circumstances. Our Guide for Churches on Giving and Capacity helps churches develop a greater understanding and confidence in responding to such givers appropriately.

You should also watch this 5 minute video on Giving, Vulnerability and Capacity which provides a useful introduction and links to further information.