Code of Fundraising Practice

As with all the ways we encourage giving within our churches, it is important that everyone abides by the Code of Fundraising Practice.

You must take into account the needs of a giver who may be in vulnerable circumstances or need extra support to make an informed decision. If you suspect that a giver lacks the capacity to make a decision, they should not be asked for a gift. If you discover this lack of capacity at a later point, the gift must be returned. 

We have produced a simple guidance document for Churches, which highlights the values underpinned within the Code and some of the key standards that apply to all giving.

Vulnerable Persons

When encouraging generous giving, PCC members might come into contact with people who may be vulnerable and need additional support to make an informed decision. Our Guide for Churches on Vulnerable Persons helps churches develop a greater understanding and confidence in responding to givers appropriately, where issues of vulnerability might arise.