Enabling giving

MINT Acronym Inforgraphic
If you want to learn how to increase giving to your church, then this is the section for you. There are four areas we need to focus on, and they helpfully form the acronym MINT:

Have the right mechanisms for giving, such as direct debit, contactless, online, legacies, gift aid and so on.  

Show the impact of people’s giving, how it enables the church’s ministry and mission.  

Explain the need for people to give, so they see how important it is that they give. 

Build trust, so that people have confidence that the church will spend their gifts wisely and well. 

If you have these things in place, you have created the best environment for people to give. You can find more on all these areas here, including advice, guidance, training and case studies.  

Understandably, many people focus on the ‘mechanisms’ section, as this shows how to provide the different ways people wish to give. However, please don’t neglect the other areas, they are every bit as important and you need to give them equal attention. There is a multiplier effect with these four areas, the more you develop one area, the greater the impact of the work you do in the other areas. Don’t forget too that this is all a team endeavour, it is important that we all take a responsibility for enabling giving and we all work together to enable giving.

We run regular webinars on developing our effectiveness in these areas too, and you will always be welcome to join them and find out more.