Building trust

Regular giving is the bedrock of a church’s ministry and mission. It is by far the most important and significant form of giving within the church. When all contribute, we are shaping the generous community we are called to be part of. All of this is built on trust in the church we are giving to.

Ways to build trust 

  • Say thank you regularly - it shows we value the gift as much as the person behind the gift 

  • Explain to givers what was given and how it was spent on a 6 monthly or annual basis  

  • Ensure those involved in encouraging giving have read and understand the code of fundraising practice and the summary documents we have prepared especially for churches.

  • Watch this 5 minute video on what to do if it looks as though a giver’s circumstances could lead to a lack of capacity in making giving decisions.

Trust takes time and patience to build. It also takes energy and effort. We must explain how the money is spent, and what it achieves. We need to show that we spend money wisely and well, and that we spend people’s giving on the things that are important to our church and community. Ultimately, trust grows and is sustained through our behaviour, when people can see us living out our faith, showing love and compassion and respect for everyone, when our actions are consistent with our words. 

As well as being conscious that trust takes time to be established, we need to remember it can be lost incredibly quickly. As a result, we must act ethically and honourably, ensuring that the way we ask for support, and the way we spend what is given, is entirely consistent with our faith. We must ensure that we have good systems in place so giving is kept safe and confidential. We also need to ensure that we follow the relevant legislation and guidance such as the Code of Fundraising Practice. And we need to take particular care with those who may be vulnerable, so that we know all gifts are given freely and intentionally.