Discipleship materials

Generosity is a spiritual gift, and we need to encourage people to seek this gift as they grow in their faith.
Prayer walk Picture: Keith Blundy

We need to encourage people along a journey that starts with ‘how much of my money do I give away?’ to ‘how much of God’s money do I keep?’. It’s not an easy or straightforward journey. Our relationship with money is…. complicated. We often struggle to talk about how we feel about money, and how we spend what we have. It can feel intrusive, and many people feel guilty and/or confused about giving so would really prefer to think and talk about something else. So we need patience, kindness and love when encouraging people’s generosity, and to provide people with the space and time to explore what God may be asking them to do. 

We all learn in different ways and so we need to offer as many ways as possible for people to explore God’s generosity towards them, and the generosity he is calling us to show to others.  

  1. Preaching materials

    Preaching resources

    Preaching and teaching on God’s generosity is an important part of the discipleship mix. There are numerous resources available to help create sermons on generosity, with a wide variety of examples of sermons for different traditions and contexts

  2. Praying in a field


    Sometimes you may want to take a more focussed approach to giving and generosity within you church context. A retreat is a great way of doing this with a small group or leadership team and can be done in a wide variety of settings. 

  3. Group study at the Diocese of Bristol

    Group study resources

    People are hugely influenced by what others do, and so group study resources can be really helpful in developing a shared generous culture. 

  4. Individual study resources

    Individual study resources

    Individual study resources enable people to go at their own pace, and in private. They explore generosity in many different ways, and vary in length.