Ideas for activating generosity

People often want to live a more generous life, but they don’t know how. You can pray about it, think about it, learn about it, hear about it, see it and admire it - but that does not mean you necessarily will do it.

Often generosity doesn’t happen by accident, or without encouragement, and by providing activities to grow generosity we can enable people to flourish. This is particularly true for younger people, who often show incredible generosity and a desire to live generously and can grow if given the right encouragement and opportunity. 

Our churches must demonstrate generosity for people to learn how to be generous and lead generous lives. There are a number of ways that this can be done, and because every context is different, different churches will do this in different ways. But the crucial bit is that something is done. 

Pilgrimage in the York Diocese

Ways to activate generosity

Generosity Week
A Generous Harvest
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Boomerang offertory
Charitable giving by churches