These pages give information about the pension schemes operated by the Pensions Board.

There are 3 pension arrangements. Please follow the links for further information:

The Church of England Pension Schemes (CEPS)
For clergy and others in stipendiary ministry.

The Church Workers Pension Fund (CWPF)
For lay employees of Church of England organisations.

The Church Administrators Pension Fund (CAPF)
For staff of the National Church Institutions and episcopal staff.

The Pensions Department is responsible for the administration of these schemes.  Please click here for contact details.

Employer Section

Information for Church employers
who participate in our pension
arrangements, or who are interested
in joining.

Auto Enrolment Section

Information for Church employers on their auto enrolment obligations, and how Pension Builder 2014 can help.

Retirement Freedom and Choice

Information on the new ways you can use your retirement savings, and that these changes mean to you and your benefits.

Pension Wise

Information on the free and impartial guidance service for defined contribution members as they approach retirement.

For information on Church of England retirement housing please visit our Housing page.

Updates from the Pensions Department

Keep your pension safe! - April 2015

Pensions are becoming an increasingly attractive target for fraudsters and other criminals because of the new pension freedoms. Please be careful with cold calls, texts or letters from people or organisations making claims that they can help you access your pension.

If you are in any doubt about your options or the advice you have been given, you should talk to The Pensions Regulator or a regulated Independent Financial Adviser.

You can find out more about keeping your pension safe at the Pensions Regulator's website: 

State Pension top up guidance now available
- April 2015

The Department for Work and Pensions has published guidance on how those who will not benefit from the new single teir state pension being introduced from April 2016 can use a top up scheme to provide additional state pension.

The top up scheme will be available from 12 October 2015 to those who reach State Pension Age before 6 April 2016.

You can find out more about the current state pension, the new single tier state pension coming in from April 2016, and how you can top up your state pension here

State pension estimate se
rvice now available to anyone over age 55 - February 2015

The State Pension statement service is now available to anyone over age 55. This
service provides free statements of estimated state pension entitlement based on current national insurance contribution records. Previously it was only available to those over age 60.  

Click here to find out more about the State Pension Statement Service

Pension Builder 2014 video
- January 2015

We have made a video to raise awareness of Pension Builder 2014 and how it can help Church organisations meet their automatic enrolment requirements. You can view the video here - Pension Builder 2014 video

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