The Commissioners' spending responsibilities are briefly outlined below. Further details can be found in their Annual Report.

Through the Archbishops' Council the Church Commissioners contribute more than £40 million annually to support the church's mission and ministry at parish level. This money includes targeted grants to dioceses, used mainly for clergy stipends, and mission development funding to help dioceses develop new church ministry by investing in parish mission initiatives.

The Commissioners fund grants towards the Church Urban Fund and the Archbishops' Council's youth evangelism fund. Both focus on the church's mission at local level.

The Commissioners also provide grants towards the six qualifying dioceses which benefit from the City Church Fund. Its latest triennial report sets out dioceses' use of these grants.

The Commissioners fund all clergy pensions earned before 1998, plus contributions to the funded pension scheme for those bishops and cathedral clergy whose stipends they fund directly. Read more about the clergy pension and retirement housing schemes.

The Commissioners support the ministry of bishops and cathedrals. They meet bishops' stipends and working costs - mainly staff salaries - and maintain diocesan bishops' houses. They meet the stipends of the dean and two other senior clergy at each cathedral in England and make targeted grants towards the salaries of cathedrals' lay staff.

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