July 2011 Group of Sessions

2011 Group of Sessions at York University
July 8th - July 12th

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Full Agenda (GS 1823) and Outline Agenda

Papers for Business at General Synod (in day and item order)

Friday 8th July

Report by the Business Committee (GS 1824) [item 5]
Appointments to the Archbishops' Council (GS 1831) [items 7 & 8]
Constitution of the Legal Advisory Commission (GS 1829 and GS 1829X) [item 9]

Questions (to follow when updated)

Saturday 9th July

Mission Action planning in the Church of England (GS 1835A & GS 1835B) [item 12]

Legislative Business (Special Agenda 1)

Draft Church of England Marriage (Amendment) Measure (GS 1805A)
Report by the Revision Committee (GS 1805Y) [item 500]
Payments to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2011 (GS 1828) [item 503]
Parochial Fees (GS 1832 and GS 1832X) [available June 24]
The Reorganisation Schemes (Compensation) Rules 2011 (GS 1839) [item 505]
The Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Sodor and Man) (Amendment) Rules 2011 (GS 1833) [item 506]
The Church of England Pensions (Sodor and Man)(Amendment) Regulations 2011 (GS 1834) [item 507]

Sunday 10th July

Higher Education Funding Changes: A Report from the Ministry Council (GS 1836 & GS Misc 990) [item 13]
The Anglican-Methodist Covenant: A Report from the
Council for Christian Unity (GS 1837)
Moving Forward in Covenant (Methodist Press Publication) [item 14]
Bradford Diocesan Synod Motion: Admission of baptized adults to communion (GS 1840A & GS 1840B) [item 15]
Annual Report of the Audit Committee (GS 1830) [item 16]
Annual Report of the Archbishops' Council (GS 1827) [item 17]

Monday 11th July

London Diocesan Synod Motion: House of Laity Elections (GS 1843A & GS 1843B) [item 19] Papers available June 24
Unfinished Business : A report by CMEAC (GS 1844 & GS Misc 994E) [item 20]
The Archbishops' Council's draft budget and proposals for
apportionment for 2011 (GS1842) [items 21-28]
Presence and Engagement for the New Quinquennium:
A report from the Mission and Public Affairs Council (GS 1838) [item 29]Conversations with the United Reformed Church (GS 1841) [item 30]

Liturgical Business (Special Agenda II)
Additional Eucharistic Prayers (GS 1822 & GS Misc 983) [item 600]
Legilsative Business (Special Agenda I) - currently without number
The Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2011 (GS 1825)
The Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order 2011 (GS 1826)
Explanatory Memorandum for above (GS 1825-26X)

Tuesday 12th July

Church Commissioners Annual Report [item 32]
The Church and Education: A Report from the Board of Education (GS 1845 & GS Misc 996 ) [item 33]

Contingency Business

Chichester Diocese and Synod Motion (GS1846A and 1846B)

Other papers

GS Misc 981   EIAG Annual Review 2010/2011
GS Misc 983   Additional Eucharistic Prayers
GS Misc 984   The Changing Role of Deaneries
GS Misc 985    Dioceses Commission Annual Report 2011
GS Misc 986    Clergy Discipline Commission Annual Report 2011
GS Misc 987   Activities of the Archbishops' Council
GS Misc 988   Analysis of Mission Funds
GS Misc 989   2012-2014 Fees Order - Rationale
GS Misc 990   Higher Education Funding (electronic distribution only)
GS Misc 990A Funding Ministerial Training (electronic distribution only)
GS Misc 991   Chaplains to the Synod
GS Misc 992   Equality Act
GS Misc 994E  Apprendices for GS 1844 (electronic distribution only)
GS Misc 995   Challenges into the new Quinquennium: Next Steps
GS Misc 996   Background to 1845
GS Misc 997   Civil Partnerships and Human Sexuality

GS Misc 998   Appointment of the Chairs of the General Synod's Business Committee
GS Misc 999    Draft parochial Fees Order

Order Paper I  Friday 8th July
Order Paper II  Saturday 9th July
Order Paper III  Sunday 10th July
Order Paper IV  Monday 11th July, 9.30am to 1pm
Order Paper V  Monday 11th July, 2.30pm to 6.15pm and 8.30pm to 10pm
Order Paper VI  Tuesday 12th July
Questions Notice Paper    July 2011
Questions With Answers   July 2011  

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