General Synod November 2013

Business Done

Business Done

Report of Proceedings

Prayers for November 2013 Group of Sessions

Women in the Episcopate: A Statement from the Archbishops

Press release on the Agenda for the November Synod


Full Synod Agenda

Electronic Voting Results

Item 11

Item 21

Item 501

Item 502

Monday 18 November

GS 1916 - Report by the Business Committee [item 4]

GS 1917 - Intentional Evangelism [item 5]

GS 1866B - Draft Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure and GS 1877B - Draft Amending Canon and Report by the Steering Committee GS 1866Z-1877Z [items 500-502]

GS 1918 - Draft Diocese of Leeds Resolution [item 509]

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Tuesday 19 November

GS 1919 -Draft Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Amendment) Measure and GS 1919x Explanatory Memorandum [item 507]

GS 1920 - The Church School of the Future [item 9]

GS 1921 - Draft Church of England (Ecclesiastical Property) Measure and GS 1921x Explanatory Memorandum [item 508]

GS 1922 - Draft Vacancy in See Committes (Amendment) Regulation 2013 and GS 1922x Explanatory Memorandum [items 510-511]

GS 1923 - Forty Eighth Report of the Standing Orders Committee

GS 1914A - DSM: A Review of the workings of the General Synod [item 10]

GS 1914B - DSM: A Review of the workings of the General Synod [item 10]

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Wednesday 20 November

GS 1924 - Report of the Steering Committee for the Draft Legislation on Women in the Episcopate [item 11]

GS 1925 - Draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure [item 503-504]

GS 1926 - Draft Amending Canon No.33 [item 505-506]

GS 1925-6x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 503-506]

GS 1906 - The work of the Elections Review Group: Second Report from the Business Committee [item 12]

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Contingency Business

GS 1927A & GS 1927B - Bradford Diocesan Synod Motion

GS 1928A & GS 1928B - Wakefield Diocesan Synod Motion


Other Papers

GS Misc 1061 - Women in the Episcopate: Guide to the papers

GS Misc 1062 - Activities of the Archbishops' Council

GS Misc 1063 - Credit Unions, The Financial Sector and the Church

Other audio recordings