Social Transformation

A reduced quality image of the food bank described in the article

The Christian faith is about a vision for society as well as individuals – it’s about how we can live well in all our relationships and communities. In a world where many visions for humanity compete for our attention, the Church asks: what do the great questions of our age, national and local, look like if you view them through the prism of the gospel?

God has called and equipped us to seek restoration and transformation for the world around us. At the national level, the Church of England responds to consultations on many issues, which may be initiated by Government departments, professional bodies or other institutions. The General Synod may call for a debate, and papers, on an issue arising from the pastoral experience of the church at local level. And the bishops may intervene in national debates, including through their presence in the House of Lords.

Learn more about the views of the church on issues of social transformation, our contribution to public debate and our response to current needs within our culture and society.