Evangelism and Discipleship related articles

  1. 13/07/2020

    TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) have a project called Box of Hope through which they have equipped over 120 churches to reach out to some of the most vulnerable families across the UK.

  2. 17/09/2020

    Church Army have put together a resource to help churches reflect on their response to COVID-19.  


  3. 13/02/2020

    Sports and fitness activities are to be championed as part of plans by the Church of England to reach more people with the message of the Christian faith and promote the wellbeing of communities, it is announced today.

  4. 24/02/2020

    Two competitions aimed at helping local churches to support people in housing need – from advocacy and advice for vulnerable tenants to ‘micro-housing’ schemes on church land – are launched today by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community.

  5. 22/02/2020

    Today marks the first anniversary of the 2019 General Synod motion to have a loving, worshipping, serving Christian community on every significant social housing estate in the country.

  6. 08/07/2020

    Beyond the Streets are recruiting for a new Door of Hope co-ordinator this month and are keen to get the word out. 

  7. 16/09/2020

    In 2019 christenings, weddings and funerals gave us the opportunity to welcome 15 million people to a Church of England service marking a pivotal point in their lives - or the lives of people they are close to. 

  8. 22/02/2019

    NEWS / General Synod commits to action on Estates Evangelism

  9. 22/02/2019

    NEWS / House of Bishops Growing Faith vision launched

  10. 12/09/2020

    For many years, the Global Leadership Summit has been an important part of my annual personal development plan, attending either live in Chicago or at one of the satellite host sites in London. This year for obvious reasons the GLS was online only. I joined in on the live stream last month, and found much of the content excellent.