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Data Protection Notice April 2015 (PDF-181.56KB)
Church of England

Data Protection Notice CCU (Archbishops Council) April 2015

Common Tenure on two sides of A4 (PDF-28.63KB)
Church of England

A new form of tenure for clergy office holders called Common Tenure came into effect on 31 January 2011. Clergy and other office holders continue to be appointed as vicars, rectors, assistant curates, priests in charge and so on. Under these new arrangements, a post may only be limited to a fixed term in certain specified circumstances and the great majority of office holders may remain in a particular post until they resign or retire.

MMDCW - Information and Terms (PDF-3.1MB)

Information and Terms about the Dementia Care Wing at The Church of England's Manormead Care Home.

Code of procedure (DOC-132KB)
Church of England

Code of procedure - guidance on reports on sponsored candidates and arrangements for first appointments in ordained ministry.

Learning agreement for curates (DOC-40KB)
Church of England

Learning agreement for curates - guidance on drawing up a learning agreement

Feedback forms on curates from training incumbents and church wardens (DOC-27KB)
Church of England

Feedback forms on curates from training incumbents and church wardens - guidance on the feedback of these two key roles.

Budget form for married candidates (DOC-130KB)
Church of England

The budget form for married candidates focuses on declaration of finances related to expenditure, income and benefits received.

Support for married candidates (DOC-173KB)
Church of England

The support of married and single candidates. Updated Guideline Figures for the Academic Year 2010/2011

Budget form for single candidates (DOC-57KB)
Church of England

This form for the academic year 2010/2011 focuses on declaration of expenditure, income and benefits with regards to single candidates.

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