Growing Faith: New Foundation Head appointed


The Church of England’s first Head of its new Growing Faith Foundation has been announced as Lucy Moore.
Lucy Moore Profile Photo

Lucy is a secondary school teacher by training who in 2004 began Messy Church. Originally a Fresh Expression in a church near Portsmouth, Messy Church now has more than 3,500 settings in over 30 countries.

The Growing Faith Concept began in 2019 to promote partnership between the church, school and household to encourage and nurture Christian faith in those of all ages within those communities.

This has resulted in a number of initiatives at diocesan and parish level, and a major series of ‘Faith at Home’ video resources, which were widely used during Covid-19 lockdown, including as Collective Worship for the Oak National online Academy.

The new Foundation will seek to build on and expand this work, and to be a strategic lead across the Church of England to grow a younger church and increase engagement with children and families in different settings. 

The role is part-funded by a generous grant from AllChurches Trust.

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, said:

“We’re delighted that Lucy will bring her considerable gifts and experience to the important work of setting up the Growing Faith Foundation, which goes to the heart of the Church of England’s aim to grow younger and more diverse.

“Growing Faith has already become a key concept for engaging younger people in the home, at school and in church, and this is an exciting time as we develop resource through the Foundation, with the aim of helping more young people to encounter Jesus Christ.”

School children praying with cross and candle Diocese of Guildford

During her work with Messy Church at the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), Lucy has written many books and been responsible for developing the work of the initiative nationally and internationally. 

She is part of the Leadership Community of Fresh Expressions, a member of the College of Evangelists and has previously been a member of General Synod. 

Commenting on her appointment, Lucy Moore said: “I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to take on this role within a movement that’s already been active for several years to be even more of a blessing to the under-16s in our communities and to be blessed by them in return.

“Every church longs to be as hospitable as Jesus himself to those who don’t yet belong. We’ve seen first-hand what new life and energy pours into a local church when we get that hospitality right, so I’m confident that together we will make a difference. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting awesome people, lots of listening, lots of ideas-sharing across different traditions and contexts, lots of excitement as new opportunities are noticed and acted on. 

“The Growing Faith Foundation will do its level best to help all parishes be even better at helping everyone meet, love and follow Jesus, especially those under the age of 16.” 

The Church of England's Chief Education Officer, Nigel Genders, said: "The Growing Faith Foundation will build on the success of the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership and be rooted in our vision for education as we aim to catalyse a culture of instinctive engagement with children, young people and households. As part of the Education and Growing Faith team Lucy will also ensure strong links with the wider vision and strategy work of the Church of England.

"We are excited to be welcoming Lucy as a colleague, and look forward to all she will bring to the role as Head of the Growing Faith Foundation."

Lucy will start her new role in February 2022.

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