“I spent many, many years not knowing that God loves me”


Rev Kerry Jane Evans describes her journey to ordination.

A woman who first visited her church as a young mother with no Christian faith is returning to work there as an ordained minister.

Rev Kerry Jane Evans will work as Assistant Curate with Horley Team Ministry in Surrey after ordination last month at Southwark Cathedral as a deacon in the Church of England.

As a young mother, she first visited St Bart’s Church, part of the Horley Team Ministry, for a family open day. “When I went into the church I felt the generosity and kindness of the people who welcomed me,” she said.

“I spent many, many years not knowing that God loves me. I had been trying to fill that sense of emptiness with busyness and I made some choices that just weren’t great.” she said. “A few weeks later, I had such a powerful experience at home that I wanted to go back to the church to find out more about Jesus. That was the point at which I started my journey.

“I think there are many people who feel as I did, not knowing that God loves them and they are searching for a meaning.”

Rev Kerry Jane trained at St Augustine’s College in West Malling, Kent and works with the Bible Society Open the Book programme. She previously worked as a flight attendant and then in youth ministry.