Church Commissioners recognises Eve Poole’s successes as Third Church Estates Commissioner


Dr Eve Poole, the Third Church Estates Commissioner, stepped down today from her role with the Church Commissioners for England to return to teaching and writing, having successfully led the introduction of the new Cathedrals Measure during her three-year term.
Eve Poole, Third Church Estates Commissioner

Dr Poole’s appointment in 2018 as Third Commissioner was specifically focussed on introducing new Cathedral legislation following the publication of the Cathedrals Working Group report. 

Dr Poole also chaired the Church Commissioners’ Mission and Pastoral Committee and the Church Buildings (Uses and Disposals) Committee, which she combined early in her term to create the streamlined Mission, Pastoral & Church Property Committee. She also chaired the Commissioners’ Bishoprics and Cathedrals Committee, through which she secured £20m for the Cathedrals Sustainability Fund this triennium. The funding provided emergency support for cathedrals when their income fell during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, said: “Eve has shown exceptional leadership as Third Commissioner, engaging with creativity and commitment well beyond her areas of primary responsibility to strengthen the oversight and contribution of the Church Commissioners as a whole.  She will be missed and will leave with our very best wishes.”

Dr Poole commented: “It has been a great privilege to have held this important role with the Church Commissioners. I’m proud of the work my team and I have accomplished during my tenure here. Now that the Cathedrals Measure is in place, and with the review of the Mission and Pastoral Measure underway following the July Synod, this feels a good time to pave the way for someone new to tackle this next critical project.”