Church of England sets out guidance for collective worship


Worship in schools should be “inclusive, invitational and inspiring” according to the Church of England’s new guidance for collective worship, which has been published to support Church Schools.
Students singing as part of collective worship Max Colson

The new resource describes collective worship as the “unique heartbeat of a Church school” which is offered as part of a wider opportunity for pupils and adults to encounter faith. 

The guidance, which draws on the Church of England’s Vision for Education, sets out how collective worship should be welcoming, inclusive and exemplify the principles of Christian hospitality, and should meet the needs of all, wherever they may be on their journey of faith and belief.  

The Church of England’s Chief Education Officer, Nigel Genders, said:

“We are delighted to offer this new publication which seeks to challenge, guide and set expectations for Church school communities and diocesan authorities when considering this essential component of an education that enables all pupils to flourish and to live life in all its fullness.

“We want pupils to leave school with an understanding of Christianity having encountered Jesus Christ in a way that enhances their lives and collective worship is at the heart of this.”