LLF Next Steps Group Meeting on Thursday, 21 July 2022


The Next Steps Group reflected on the meetings and activities that took place during General Synod earlier in the month. It was agreed that overall, engagement with Living in Love and Faith had been a positive experience for many participants in both plenary and group work. The art installation “Faith and Fracture” (on display in York Minster until mid-September) was particularly successful and had generated interest and praise.

Discussion followed on how to take Living in Love and Faith forward into the autumn at the three meetings of the College of Bishops and on to the February 2023 General Synod in London. It was felt very important that sufficient time and space be allowed for group work, conversations, prayer and the plenary sessions.

The Group held a discussion with representatives from the Ministry Development Team about the discernment process currently used for lay and clerical vocations. The Ministry Development Team offers advice around criteria and qualities for lay discernment, but not process, whereas it does advise on process for clerical discernment. The Group noted this difference and the tensions that this can create. They agreed to ensure joined up working with the Ministry Development Team as the latter’s work evolves.

The meeting discussed the Lambeth Calls which had just been made public, in particular the Call on Anglican Identity and the Call on Human Dignity. It was agreed that a statement from the Next Steps Group was needed to set out the Group’s position on the two Calls (the statement was issued on 22 July and can be read here).

The meeting closed in prayer.