Update on Smyth Review


An update on timing for the Smyth Review from the National Safeguarding Team:

For the survivors and victims of the appalling abuse by Smyth it is vital this review is done thoroughly but we have also taken very seriously their concerns on timing. Since the deadline for submission of evidence the reviewers have been compiling data and timelines, and setting up any further meetings as needed. They hope to have a draft version of the report ready at the end of April which will be followed by a representation process. The length of time that takes will be dependent on the volume of representations needed and the level of engagement and feedback provided by the various people and organisations involved. When more details on this are finalised a publication date will be set.

As we have said before we apologise for the length of time this has taken, while some meetings were delayed by COVID the reviewers have also been dealing with an exceptionally high volume of information which has needed looking into; this has included harrowing testimonies from survivors and victims and we thank them for their courage and willingness to participate.

Arrangements can still be made by the reviewers to listen to any further survivors and victims, or those who have other information, who wish to come forward to share their experiences in a supported and confidential manner.

Both the reviewers and the Church recognise that giving information to this review has the potential to be re-traumatising for victims and survivors.

Support continues to be offered. Please contact Emily Denne at [email protected],┬ácall the independent Safe Spaces helpline on 0300 303 1056, or email [email protected]

Anyone who would like to come forward and share information, please do contact the independent reviewer Keith Makin at [email protected].

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