After Ordination

Curacy, also known as initial ministerial education phase two, is a vital time in which newly ordained ministers continue to learn and grow in the roles to which God has called them.
Female clergy member reacting to child Diocese of Gloucester

It is the agreed policy of the House of Bishops that newly ordained ministers should serve at least three years in a training post before taking on a post of incumbent status.

You will find our policy and guidance for dioceses below:


Necessary paperwork

Appointment of curates

Formation and assessment in curacy


Title posts

As ordinands come to the end of their theology course, their next step is to seek a title post through which they can be ordained deacon. They will then complete their training as curates in this post.

A list of vacant title posts is available here.

Detailed descriptions of vacant title posts are also circulated by theological colleges and courses for the benefit of ordinands.

Contact your college principal or director of ordinands for more information.