After the General Election: a still small voice of calm


The Church of England is providing a "still small voice of calm" at a time when the people of Britain face "unprecedented questions about the future", according to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

The recent General Election has left many questions unanswered at a "critical time in the nation's history", they say.

Christians should therefore pray for political leaders to have courage but also give thanks for signs of political apathy receding, they say.

The call comes in the text of the motion to be debated at the Church's General Synod, which meets in York next month.

The archbishops have used their legal powers to change the published schedule to include an urgent debate on the state of the nation.

Entitled "After the General Election: a still small voice of calm" it will take place on the opening afternoon of Synod, Friday July 7.

Details of the motion were published as a second circulation of papers was issued ahead of the summer session of Synod at the University of York between July 7 and July 10.

The documents also include a paper setting out the process for compiling a major new teaching document on human sexuality and the work of a new Pastoral Advisory Group to advise dioceses on pastoral provision for same-sex couples.

It follows a vote in February in which Synod opted not to 'take note' of the House of Bishops' report on sexuality.

The paper, also issued by the two archbishops, reiterates a pledge to base the new teaching document on a "radical Christian inclusion" to be "founded in scripture, in reason, in tradition, in theology and the Christian faith as the Church of England has received it".

The papers also include information on National Support for Local Churches and background information for a motion tabled by Jayne Ozanne, of the Diocese of Oxford, calling for Synod to condemn the practice of Conversion Therapy, among other subjects.

Notes to editors

The title of the motion is a reference to the story in 1 Kings 19 in which God spoke to the prophet Elijah not through a hurricane, earthquake or fire but through a "still small voice".

The full circulation of papers for the July 2017 sessions of General Synod 

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