Church of England launches campaign to help families pray together


As the Archbishop of Canterbury prepares to lead the ‘largest ever’ school assembly, the Church of England has today launched a new programme to make prayer a household habit once again.

#FaithAtHome which launches today will feature weekly video content to help families to talk about faith and pray together.

The videos will be led by children, young people, staff and school leaders from across the country.

Over the next three months, #FaithAtHome will explore themes including courage, patience, generosity, resilience, love and hope.

‘Hope’ is the topic for the first assembly at the Oak National Academy today, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, which airs from 10am.

The Oak National Academy was set up to provide video lessons and curriculum resources to assist teachers as they support pupils through the current COVID-19 restrictions.

The assembly will be followed by weekly collective worship, provided in partnership by the Church of England and Oak National Academy, with content drawn from #FaithAtHome.

The #FaithAtHome programme has set out themes for the next 11 weeks and can be accessed on our website.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said:

“These aim of these resources is to offer simple ways for families and households to approach complex and difficult topics, such as illness, fear and bereavement.

“The coronavirus pandemic has forced people of all ages to confront difficult and painful questions that none of us can explore on our own; we need one another to help navigate them.

“My hope and prayer is that #FaithAtHome will not only equip children and young people to engage with difficult questions, but also inspire them to explore how they can become the answers to their own prayers, and, when this crisis is over, they are freshly inspired to love and serve those around them.”

The Church of England’s Chief Education Officer, Nigel Genders said:

"Home is the new normal, and faith at home is a habit we need to rediscover."

"We are delighted that #FaithAtHome will be available to many children and young people through our partnership to provide collective worship with Oak Academy, and through church and school networks.

“It will offer people of all ages and faith backgrounds a chance to pause, think and reflect, and to rebuild lost habits of prayer and faithful reflection in the home.”