Lead Bishop for Education calls for focus on re-opening schools, colleges and universities


As students across the UK receive their GCSE results today, The Church of England’s Lead Bishop for Education, Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler has called for a renewed focus on schools re-opening in September.
The lead bishop for education speaks to school children Keith Blundy

"Today's GCSE results are an important moment of celebration for many, while for others this will be a time of uncertainty over next steps and future direction," he said. 

"Students have shown immense resilience and character in unprecedented circumstances. The unstinting work of teachers, school leaders and governors throughout this whole period has been absolutely inspirational.

"However, the challenging situation around GCSE, A-level and vocational qualification results has risked diverting school leaders’ time and attention away from the re-opening of schools for all students in September - a step which we fully welcome.

"Placing education at the centre of the Government’s autumn recovery plans will ensure that schools, colleges, universities, their students and their families get all the practical support they need, for the sake of the wellbeing and progress of all children and young people.

"This will involve particular practical systematic action to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring that addressing the needs of the most vulnerable is the central aim of us all."