'Demand went through the roof'


All Saints in Highertown, Truro, has hosted an ecumenical food bank for the past decade, working alongside the local Methodist Church as a venue

Since lockdown the entire church building, including its hall and adjacent rooms have been used to house food bank supplies with all sessions now taking place at All Saints. Customers are served from a table across at the front of the church – which remains closed to the public - with physically distanced queues. Advice workers are not able to work alongside the food bank as they have done previously.

Revd Jeremy Putnam, Vicar of All Saints, said: “In the first three weeks of lockdown demand went through the roof, with between 60 and 80 people - including family groups - provided with food every day. We were handing out almost four times as much food as usual. It then went much quieter. Demand has risen again in the last two weeks back to the levels we saw at the start of the lockdown. The great thing about All Saints' involvement is that we can connect people, organisations and other partner groups so we work in tandem to get support to those struggling most.”

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