Home Safe from Hospital


A team of church volunteers from Hereford Diocese is helping elderly and social isolated people discharged from hospital to settle back at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
A Home safe parcel sitting outside the front door of someone's house.

Volunteers meet patients as they return home and help in a range of ways from putting the heating on, to turning on lights and arranging delivery of an emergency food parcel if needed.

Working with other agencies to make sure they have an ongoing routine of support in the days and weeks ahead is also an important part of the role. Before leaving, the volunteer arranges a follow-up visit for the next day to check the person remains safe and well.

The work is part of Home Safe from Hospital scheme, a partnership between Herefordshire County Council, Wye Valley NHS Trust and Hereford Diocese. All volunteers are fully DBS checked.

Richard Jones, Lead Co-Ordinator for Hereford Diocese said: “For many older people it’s difficult right now, much of the usual care support systems are not on hand and their friends and family are unable to visit in the way they usually would, so that’s where we come in. The local hospital needs to ensure it has beds available for patients with Covid-19.

"The church is uniquely placed, in that we have people in every community.”

Rev Linda MacDermott, Curate of the Kington Parishes and a volunteer from Kington, Herefordshire, said: “I think for many older people in this situation, the most precious part is a conversation with a real person, it helps them to feel they are loved and not alone.

“It is a real tonic for these times of social isolation and an opportunity for us to show our faith in action by living out the commandment, love thy neighbour.”

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