Christmas tree prayers

If you would like your Christmas tree to mean more this year, why not try this beautiful and thoughtful prayer idea?

Children love to help with decorating the tree. This idea is an easy way to let them get involved, and helps them pray at the same time.

  • Buy some pretty gift tags (sparkly stars work well) – or make some by cutting up last year’s Christmas cards.
  • Write on the plain side the names of people or situations that you want to pray about.
  • Hang the gift tag prayers on your tree as a sparkly reminder – just as your tree lights shine in the darkness, so your prayers are like a candle that lights up the lives of those in need.
  • Christmas is a particularly difficult time if you are sad, or ill, or lonely or worried. Keep a few spare gift tags so you can to your tree when you think of others who need your prayers.

Tip: If you know someone needs your prayers, but it’s best if others don’t know they’re in need, why not just write their initial on the tag, or draw a heart shape – God will know you are thinking of them.

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