Discovering the Bible with children

Discovering the Bible

If a christening is the start of an amazing journey, the Bible is an amazing book – a map for that journey. There is adventure and excitement, mystery and wonder. There are really well known stories – like Noah or the Christmas story – and new ones to discover.

“It’s full of human stories – of love, greed, joy, loss and passion. It’s vital to our culture. It’s part of the answer to the world’s needs. It’s cherished by billions of people around the world. It’s more than a book.”  Bible Society

Reading the Bible and talking about its stories with your child is a key part of exploring the Christian faith and living out its values.

You can buy a Bible, or a Bible story book, which will have a selection of well-known stories re-told for children. See these websites for more information and ideas:

Bible Society - search 'children' in the product search box to see all the children's Bibles
Bible Reading Fellowship
Lion Hudson books
Scripture Union

There are lots of ways to introduce a growing child to the Bible. These are just a few websites which have plenty of suggestions you could try over the years:

Faith in Homes
Bible Society