Out and about

Out and about

As summer draws to a close, there are beautiful colours to be found everywhere, especially in the leaves that fall from the trees. These are some simple suggestions to enjoy some of the best bits of autumn, wherever you are…

Autumn can be an incredibly beautiful time of year, and a time when farmers can finally collect in the crops after a hard-working year of sowing and growing. There’s so much to be thankful for, and this is what Harvest Festivals in churches are all about. Why not find out whether your local church has a Harvest Festival? Find your local church on A Church Near You.

Here are some ideas for really enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of autumn and remember as you go that “The Lord God made them all”.

Go leaf jumping

This is one of the most fun things to do on an autumn walk, especially if the weather has been dry and the leaves are nice and crunchy. Go to a local park or green area, and sweep up all the fallen leaves into a huge pile, and take it in turns to jump in it!

Make an autumn picture

Collect some of the leaves you find on your walk – the brightest, most beautiful colours and shapes – and bring them home to make some artwork. There are fancy things you can do (such as leaf roses), or you can simply enjoy all the colours that nature gives us, stick them to a big piece of paper, and add whatever you like – glitter, paint….

Collect conkers

Find the best conker trees in your local area, and go together as a family to collect some really good ones: who has the biggest, the smallest, the shiniest, the most conkers in one shell? Enjoy the texture – spikey on the outside, smooth inside – the colours, patterns, and shapes, and how you never know exactly what the inside will be like just by looking at the shell. Each one is unique, just like us – their markings are like our fingerprints! And each one starts so small, but can grow into something amazing, just like us. You could plant one or two of your favourite conkers, and see if you can grow a tree!

Pick blackberries

If there’s some common land near where you live – far enough away from busy roads and pollution – you may be lucky enough to find some blackberry plants, with fruits that are free to take. Take some containers with you, and enjoy! Blackberries are tasty on their own, or made into pies and crumbles. Little children often love eating something they picked themselves, and blackberries are packed with healthy vitamins too. Use the opportunity to show your child how thing grow – that food doesn’t just come from the fridge or from the supermarket.