Continuing the journey after a christening

Continuing the journey

There are lots of ways to continue the amazing journey of faith as a family. It’s not just about special times, but about the ordinary times of wonder, love and joy – and the times when things go wrong. The candle given at the christening reminds us that a child shines as a light in the world – and also that God is always with us.



Here are just a few suggestions to help you live out the Christian journey as part of everyday life – at home, school or with other Christians at church.

Everyday times

  • Say thank you to each other and to God – at meals, for presents, for just being there
  • Going out from the house to school or work or friends – ask for God’s blessing on the person who is setting off on a journey
  • At bathtime – the water of baptism promised a new start with god. This could be a good time to say sorry for things that have gone wrong and remember God’s forgiveness
  • At bedtime – telling stories, saying prayers and taking time to look back over the day is a great way of sharing the journey together . Share Bible stories – for every experience in life, there will be a Bible hero who has shared it.

Other times

  • Thinking of others– children will begin to understand there are others around them and across the world who live without enough food, shelter or love. Talk to them about charities and how your family can help, perhaps by giving in some way. Look out for special family activities.
  • Go to church or church events together – your local church will welcome you to a Sunday service or perhaps they have a toddler group, Messy Church or other special activity
  • Sad times – sometimes there are difficult things in families. People get ill or die, relationships break up, choices are made that don’t work out well. Don’t forget to ask for God’s help in these times too.
  • Remember their christening anniversary – show them the photos of their christening day. Light the christening candle again and remember together what that day meant for the whole family. Write a thank you card to godparents.
  • Record the memories – starting photo albums or scrapbooks is a fun way to record the special times on their amazing journey.
  • Pray – keep praying for God’s blessing and support.