Mothers Day blessings

Mothers Day blessings


Mothering Sunday is a chance to say ‘thank you’ for the special role of our mum. Even mums who are far away or who have died can be remembered and honoured – read on for some simple ways to celebrate the love of mothers everywhere.



Mothering Sunday is a day to celebrate the love and care of all who have a mothering role. These thoughtful ideas show how much you appreciate your mum, and how much her love can be shared with others too.

Plant some seeds

Mothering Sunday is just the right time of year to plant sunflowers. Even little children can help pop the seeds into the ground and give them water, and it’s a great way for them to learn how things grow, and how to take care of something precious.

Tip: if it’s still frosty at night, plant the seeds in a pot indoors, and then move them outside once they have germinated and the weather is warmer.

Paper flower blessings

Scroll down this page to download and print a simple but beautiful craft activity to bless someone. It's something you can pop in the post to send to a loved one who is far away – perhaps a mum, a grandparent or a godparent.

Give some flowers

If receiving flowers makes you smile, how about taking a small bunch of flowers round to an elderly neighbour who may be alone on Mothers’ day?

If you have a mum but she’s far away, you could:

  • Press some flowers and use them to make her next birthday card
  • Send her some bulbs to plant, by post
  • Send her a paper flower blessing (see above)
  • Say a prayer for her at bedtime

Churches celebrate Mothers’ Day with a special service and often give out small posies of flowers – sometimes just to the mums, sometimes to all the women, and in some places, to everyone!

If your mum has died, you might like to take a posy of flowers from church to her grave. If it’s a long way away, do you know someone who lives nearby who might do it for you, and send you a photo?

Give a gift to change the world

You could visit the Unicef Gift shop or a similar site and buy a gift in memory of a person who was special to you, and that will make a difference in the world. 


Craft activity to try